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We invite you eat with us...

Like all big Australian families we like doing things together, and with our Mediterranean heritage that means doing it with passion. Pizza Olla is a family owned and operated small business with a passion for perfect pizza and pasta, made to your exact requirements when you order, and presented in quick time for your enjoyment with your favourite beverage or refreshment.

To satisfy the broadest range of tastes and appetites we offer traditional and gourmet Pizza in two sizes, and an almost infinite combination of ingredients. We have calculated that over 1,000 different pizzas are possible with the ingredient selection available – but to keep things simple our menu includes about 30 of the most popular pizzas. We use imported Buffalo Mozzarella - the real deal - which is low in fat and oil free. So our pizzas contain only Olive Oil, Flour and fresh ingredients - no additives, fats or chemicals of any kind. Of course we also have Gluten Free bases which contain no wheat products. 

We’ve also adopted the same unique approach with our Pasta and Sauce combinations. So once again; why don’t you be the chef and choose how you’d like to combine your preferred pasta with your favourite sauce and ingredients added or not. It’s all made exactly to order right there for you, using only Extra Virgin Australian Olive Oil and fresh ingredients. Gluten free pasta is also available.

Naturally you’re welcome to bring the whole family – our food is enjoyable at any age and we love having families like ours around.


Our Olive Oil

Classical symbol of peace, friendship and hope - Our symbol of purity. No fat, no butter, no canola and no vegetable oil. Just Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Bunna Banoo in the Hunter Valley, and fresh ingredients.

We use it in our Pizza Dough and Sauce recipes .... sprinkled with balsamic vinegar on our salads. To sear the chopped onion in our pasta sauces and brushed around the pizza pan before baking. Olive Oil is dear but it’s delicious and aromatic. And above all else – it’s healthy.

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