Work with us

Work with us

Our small business is a learning environment that has grown up, just like our children have, and we are very proud that our student employees have graduated and moved on to professional appointments. It’s always a pleasure to see them return for meals with family and colleagues, and to share in their successes and life journey. It’s always satisfying to know that working at Pizza Olla helped to shape their learning and experience of how good businesses function, and we have no doubt that this experience helped to impress their current employers. 

So, if you have an interest in food and like to be with people who are passionate about the customer being more than satisfied, then you are welcome to contact us for an interview. We are always looking for presentable and enthusiastic people, who would like to work casual and flexible roster shifts. People with initiative who walk through the door and present themselves are especially welcome. We have a variety of positions which offer cross-skilling opportunities with hands-on training.

To find out more please contact Charmaine on 0418 967 819. We’d love to hear from you.

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Pizza Olla

130 Pacific Hwy

Roseville, NSW, 2069

Ph: (02) 9416 1811